Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline


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Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline

Nissan Skyline welcomes you

Nissan Skyline is designed to provide you with the specifications for the latest models of the most popular Japanese sports car the Nissan Skyline. The handling and speed of the skyline has caused many motor magazines compare it to cars like the Porsche 911, and Ferrari, but the cost of the Nissan is significantly less.

The legendry nissan skyline RB26DETT is arguably the most tunable engine on the planet 1000hp GTR's are not uncommon in Japan and the strength of these engines is amazing. Many Manufactures have produced bolt on parts to boost the power output way beyond stock. Handling features way ahead of their time like the ATTESSA four wheel drive system and the HICAS four wheel steering system had the nissan skyline ahead of the competition.

This site is under development I hope to have information and tuning guide's on all popular models of the Nissan Skyline in the coming months so bookmark this page and come back regularly.


Nissan Skyline NEWS

Quite a few new pages have been added since the last new update, NVCS, ATTESA, and HICAS have been added to the Tech Resources. The 350GT Nissan Skyline has been added to the Specification and tuning sections. A RB30DET page has been added to the tuning guide area.


Nissan Skyline Conversions table and guide has been added, there are now more turbos in the turbo section, and a I added a camshaft section. I just uploaded a new website for those of you who are interested its basically the same as this one but for the Nissan Silvia. Check it out Nissan Silvia.

Turbo information has been added not much info here yet but heaps more to come. About 40 Videos have been added to a new videos section including a couple of drags featuring project GTS25-T. check em out.

Nissan skyline wallpaper
has now been added to the site so far I only have wallpapers of my own car but I will have more soon. The stage 2 GTR tuning guide is now complete alone with more detailed information on air flow meters. I have also added project GTS25T which my own car and I hope to have videos of it in action very soon


Busy again this week but I have managed to finish the R33 and R34 GTR specification pages .I own a R33 GTS25-T of my own and in the coming week I hope to have a page with pictures, videos, and details of its modifications I also hope to finish stage 2 of the GTR tuning guide. This month I hope to have more detailed car specs (v-spec, n1, etc), g35 skyline specs, and more detailed tuning information. So feel free to bookmark this page as this site is going to get a lot bigger.


I have been very busy with this site, it has only been up for 3 week and already and I has had many returning visitors which means some of you must be finding the information useful. Stage 1 and 2 tuning guides have been completed for the R32 GTS-T, R33 GTS25-T and R34 GT-T. I have also completed stage 1 of the GTR tuning guide with stage 2 coming soon. I hope to go into greater detail with these tuning guides in the future. Specifications have been completed for the R32 GTS-T, R33 GTS25-T, R34 GT-T, R32 GTR, with the r33 and r34 specs coming by the end of next week. Again I will be going into further detail with the specs so stay tuned.