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Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline

Nissan Skyline 350GT

Under the hood (stock ~170rwkw)
Nissan has ended production of RB engines due to the stricter emissions and technology advancements. A more compact all alloy V6 engine with a 3.5 litre capacity (called the VQ35) is now found on Nissans plenum models. There are no turbo models at this stage but the 2007 Nissan GTR will more than likely feature a twin turbo version of this engine. Nissan quoted the engine to have 206kw but the actual figure is closer to 220-230kw with excellent mid range torque, not bad for a naturally aspirated 3.5 litre.

Having a natural aspirated engine is certainly an advantage as throttle response is better and obviously there is no turbo lag. However when it comes to modifying modern engines like this one things get expensive rather quickly and basic mods donít improve performance as much as it would on a factory turbo car.

Engine Tuning
The VQ35 is a great sounding engine even in stock form but are a little quiet, an aftermarket exhaust give an aggressive note and unleash a few extra kilowatts. The 350GT has a twin exhaust system as standard which flows relatively well for a factory system a cat back exhaust will give small gains but if to feel the difference extractors, and a highflow cats will also be needed. This is an expensive exercise.

Now we have the exhaust side of the engine breathing the next step is to get more air into the engine. Either use a high performance air filter, or replace the air box with a POD style air filter. If you choose to go the POD filter route I recommend you fabricate some type of shield to keep hot air from the engine bay away from your intake. A cold air intake to the filter from the front of your Skyline will also give you a performance advantage.

Plenum spacer
Several companies make a "spacer" which rests between your lower plenum and upper plenum, to increase plenum volume and reduce restriction.

Crank Pulley
Gains have been added by installing a aftermarket crank pulley

ECU Edit
Some Performance shops are able to edit the standard ECU's settings timing, air fuel ratios and all other aspects of your stock ECU can be edited. In my opinion this is the best most cost effective option.

An aftermarket ECU will give good power gains and improve drivability. One popular option is the Apexi SAFC (Super air flow computer). The SAFC is a piggy back to the ECU and works by tricking the ECU into thinking your engine is getting more or less air than your engine actually is. Tuning should be done be a professional on a dyno. A better but more expensive option is the Apexi Power FC which replaces the standard ECU. Many people choose the Power FC as its less expensive than other aftermarket ECU's, and it plugs straight into you old loom so there is no need to cut any wires. All parameters of your car can be tuned with a Power FC but once again it should be dyno tuned by a professional. Please note the power FC cannot be used an automatic transmission.

Many people choose to upgrade the flywheel at the same time this increases acceleration but you may loose a little torque.

The 350GT is very expensive to modify and unless you have a fat wallet the power gains vs. performance my not be worth the cost to you. With all the mods listed above you would probably be lucky to have more than 200rwkw, a gain of roughly 30rwkw from stock.

If you want serious power from this engine forced induction is your best option, many companies (especially in the US) make these kits, from mild supercharger kits, to radical twin turbo kits. The most impressive kit I could find was the APS twin turbo kit which has very little lag and the potential to make up to 600kw at the flywheel with supporting mods. If you wish to keep the standard internals over 300rwkw would not be recommended. Visit APS of more information.

Please use this as a guide only I recommend consulting a professonal before carrying out any of these modifications. takes no responsiblity for any problems you may encounter from following this guide.


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