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ATTESA E-TS is Nissans advanced four wheel drive system which features in the Nissan Skyline GTR and GTS-4. Conventional 4WD systems have the car locked into 4WD all the time, grip is greatly improved, but more under steer is produced to that of a rear wheel drive car. ATTESA ET-S was designed by Nissan to give the best of both worlds, the result is a predominately rear wheel drive car which transfers torque to the front wheels as the rear wheels start to slip.

The ATTESA E-TS system uses a 16bit microprocessor that monitors the cars movements at 100 times per second to sense traction loss. Three G-Sensors mounted underneath the centre console feed lateral and longitudinal inputs in addition to this throttle position, wheel speed, and boost pressure, are measured and calculated by the ECU. When slip is detected on a wheel the system directs the torque away from that wheel to one that has traction, up to 50% of power can be delivered to the front wheels if needed. The Nissan Skylines engine and braking system are great but its this system that sets it apart from other vehicles.

ATTESA ET-S has improved dramatically with every skyline model change from R32 through to R34. Some people who want more from there Skyline have found major improvements by installing a torque split controller. Usually they come with 10 different adjustments which are selected dependent upon conditions and driver preference. The article in this link describes how a custom made controller was made for a R32 GTR, great improvements where evident.Click here to read godzilla tamed

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