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Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline

Nissan Skyline Z-tune

In 1995 the new model Nissan Skyline R33 GTR was born with big shoes to fill because the previous model R32 GTR was a huge success. The first thing to notice about the new GTR is shape it looks much more modern with more of a muscle car type stance rather than the race car look. Itís bigger in all dimensions and looks it with its rounded styling instead of the R32ís hard edges. An aggressive front end and pumped guards still remain but an adjustable rear wing has been added to improve down-force.

The interior has improved from the previous model and is much more spacious a big hit for taller drivers. Extra gauges have been added and include oil-temperature and torque distribution. Driver and passenger side air bags have also been added to improve safety.

The superb RB26DETT engine remains and so does the 206kw claimed power figure however torque has improved from 375nm at 4,400 revs. One can only assume that the overall power figure was improved due to the increased boost pressure, improved intercooler, and the extra torque produced. Due to the extra 100kg's the R33ís straight line speed was decreased slightly 0-100km in reached in 5 seconds and the 400m sprint is completed in 13.1 seconds. Track times however where improved due to improvements to suspension, anchor points have been stiffened and travel lengthened. The ATTESSA four wheel drive and HICAS (now called Super HICAS) where also improved which also helps the lap times drop and aidís overall grip with its larger 17í wheels and tyreís.

Driving the R33 GTR has become more refined and comfortable. The softer suspension and the extra weight make it feel less like a race car than the R32. Steering does not feel as direct either but depending on what you are looking for this is either an advantage or disadvantage.

Overall the Nissan Skyline GTR has improved, its circuit times are quicker, and it is more comfortable than the old model. This is a hard feet to achieve and I think Nissan wanted this from the GTR so it would appeal to a bigger audience. But as mentioned before it has lost some of its race car like feel which in my opinion lets it down just a little. If you want a hardcore race car go the R32. If you would like a little more luxury the Nissan Skyline R33 GTR is the car for you.

Nismo Z-Tune video


Base Model Skyline GT-R (BNR34) V-spec (used)
Body Color Z-tune Silver (KY0), special color for R34GT-R Z-tune only.
Engine Model RB26DETT Modified spec, "Z2" (Z-tune concept engine spec.2)
Engine Type Water-cooling in-line 6 cylinder DOHC
Bore & Stroke 87mm x 77.7mm
Compression Ratio 8.5 : 1
Displacement 2,771 cc
Max Power over 368 kw (500ps)
Max Torque over 540N.m (55kg.m)
Weight 1,600 kg


ENGINE CYLINDER HEAD Camshaft (Z-tune Exclusive)
Metal Head Gasket
Special Combustion Chamber shape & Volume Adjustment
Enlarged Port & Grind machining
Special Relief Machining on camshaft
Exclusive Rocker cover with Z-tune special color.
CYLINDER BLOCK GT Engine Block (Strength & Rigidity Uprated)
Forged Piston (Z-tune exclusive)
GT Crank Shaft (Forged + Fillet Roll Machining)
GT Connecting Rod spec 2 ( I Shaped, SNCM Material )
Oil Pan Baffle Plate
Engine Components GT Collector Tank (special shape)
Turbo Charger (made by IHI, Exclusive for Z-tune)
Exhaust Outlet (special shape)
Exhaust Manifold specially machined to remove gap & stiffener processing.
Cooling Twin Oil Cooler (exclusive for Z-tune)
Aluminum Radiator (Cooling performance upgraded)
Intercooler (Cooling performance upgraded)
Intercooler piping
Fueling High-Flow Fuel Injectors
High-Flow Fuel Pump
Engine Control ECM (exclusive for Z-tune)
Exhaust WELDINA NE-1 Titanium (Fr tube is stainless steel)
Body Shell
Door Surrounding Extra Spot Welding
Others Hood Ridge Reinforcement on Front Strut Upper part
CFRP Reinforcement at Center Tunnel etc.
Shocks & Springs Damp Force Adjustable in 3 variations. Ride-Height Adjustable, SACHS Suspension basis, exclusive for Z-tune
Stabilizer Bars Spring Constant Upgraded
Bushings Less Friction Hard Rubber Bushings
Wheels LM GT4 GT500 Model Black Color 18 x 9.5J (Exclusive for Z-tune)
Tires Bridgestone POTENZA RE01R (265/35-18)
Clutch Twinplate Clutch (COPPERMIX TWIN)
Differentials Front:Mechanical L.S.D.
Rear:Active L.S.D. * Final Gear Ratio: 3.545
ETC Control Unit (Exclusive for Z-tune)
Propeller Shaft Carbon Fiber Propeller Shaft (Exclusive for Z-tune)
Rotor & Caliper Front: 365mm dia, 2-piece, Ventilated Disc + Mono-block 6 piston Caliper
Rear: 355mm dia, 1-piece, Ventilated Disc + Forged 4 Piston Caliper
Brake Pad & Hose Z-tune Special Brake Pad + Stainless Steel Meshed Hose
Front Bumper New Design Type CFRP (Exclusive for Z-tune)
Front Under Panel CFRP (Exclusive for Z-tune)
Front Fender CFRP Blister Fender (Exclusive for Z-tune)
Side Skirt ABS Resin
Rear Spoiler Flap CFRP
Steering Wheel Air-Bag Type
Seats Uprated Trim (Exclusive for Z-tune)
Door Trim Uprated Trim (Exclusive for Z-tune)
Speedometer 320km Display, White Background
MFD Version II Type




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