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Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline

Nissan Skyline R32 GTST

Engine Tuning Stage 2
Stage 2 of tuning is where things start to get expensive as we need to upgrade many of the standard systems. Nissan Skyline RB engines are known for the strength the RB20 is no exception with regular maintenance and a safe tune 240rwkw is easily possible. Some people push the limits with 250rwkw+ but if you want an engine that will last 240rwkw is a safer limit.

Turbo Selection

There are many good turbo options available for the RB20 and for a street car I recommend a responsive turbo not a lag monster. A turbo that will bolt onto standard manifold will save time and money in the long run.

A popular and cheap turbo upgrade for the RB20DET is a standard turbo off the R33 GTS25T or the R34 GTT as they are a direct fit and 200+RWKW is possible. Boost should be limited to 14psi due to the ceramic wheel. Many people in Australia have had there standard turbo high-flowed by GCG turboís these turbos are popular because they use a ball bearing cartridge, and everything bolts back into place. Turbo response is said to be similar to stock and power figures average around 220rwkw or up to 235rwkw with cams.

Another popular Turbo upgrade for the RB20 is the HKS 2530 this turbo also bolts onto the standard manifold and can make arround 230rwkw with supporting mods.

Fuel system
If you havenít done so already the fuel pump will need to be upgraded. Second hand GTR pumps are a popular option as are new pumps from bosch, walbro, and tomei. The GTR and Tomei pumps are a direct fit. You may also install a fuel pressure regulator to increase fuel pressure.

Standard injectors will also need to be upgraded at this stage. GTR injectors are a popular upgrade for the RB20 as they are cheap compared to new and are a direct fit. But if you are still using the stock ECU you will need a resistor pack as GTR injectors run on high impedance. Rx7 S5 460cc injectors are ALMOST a direct fit, they fit into the rail but are slightly shorter so the height or the rail needs to be cut down otherwise the injectors will leak...these are the same voltage (Low impedance) as stock and don't require resistor pack but keep in mind they only spray in a jet stream and not a spread as they are designed for a rotory engine.

When buying second hand injectors its a good idea to get them cleaned and flow tested, which normally costs $50 an injector. New injectors will cost you about twice as much as the options above; popular choices include Nismo and HKS. If you cannot afford new ones or donít want to use second hand injectors it is possible to get you standard injectors high-flowed.

Airflow meter
The RB20DET air flow meter runs out of voltage after around 200rwkw's, most tuners will be able to tune the car past the limits of the AFM but it is a better idea to ugrade you AFM. This allows for finer tuning which will result in a smoother power delivery and make it easier for the tuner to produce a higher peak power output . Popular upgrade choices include the Z32 and the Q45. The Z32 is cheaper of the 2 but the Q45 will allow more airflow. An aftermarket ECU with Map sensors can be used insteed of an AFM but engines equipt with air-flow meters are more tunable. click for more information a about airflow meters

ECU tune
Your RB20 ECU can be tuned be many performance workshops you can either have this done or buy an aftermarket ECU like the Power FC.

Head Gasket
Running boost levels above 1.2 may require a new metal head gasket to lower compression and improve reliability. Opinions differ on this subject so I think its best to ask you tuner.

Clutch and flywheel

The stock clutch will certainly fail quickly at this power level the hardest part is finding a clutch that will handle the power yet not make your car a pig to drive. Exeedy seem to be popular and reliable choice and while you are upgrading your clutch a lightened flywheel is well worth considering. This will help the car rev quicker but the trade off is your car will loose momentum quicker to.

Cams or Cam gears
At this stage the Nissan skyline will benefit from a set new cams, cam gears, or both. The outright power will be increased but the main reason for installing cams is for a fatter torque and power curve. Upgraded cams can help reduce lag, improve mid and top end power. Popular choice is tomei pon cams as they fit without modification and are proven to give good results.

Please use this as a guide only I recommend consulting a professonal before carrying out any of these modifications. takes no responsiblity for any problems you may encounter from following this guide.


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