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Project Nissan Skyline GTS25T

The Skyline was really starting to go hard now but warmer days were a worry with the stock intercooler and the higher boost levels so I decided to purchase a new one. After a bit of research I decided that a Hybrid cooler would do nicely so I ordered a Super monster bar and plate intercooler kit from Flynn Performance and it arrived about a week later.

It took a good day to install a hole needed to cut into the chassis in order to fit the return piping, the radiator blades needed to be trimmed, and the front bar slightly modified. The new piping did not allow us to connect a boost line so we had to fabricate a connection. A couple of good mates helped me fit the cooler (well Shultz did most the work) which made the job a lot easier.
Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline

Once on the road we had problems as soon as I gave it a boot full the skyline would hesitate and miss badly. I checked all the hose clamps and all everything seemed fine. I turned the boost back down to 5psi and the problem stopped, it was very frustrating as I wanted to dial more boost in. The car still went quiet well on 5psi so I go the impression once the problem was sorted the mod would be worthwhile.

My first thoughts were that the AFR's were out of wack I called ICE Performance who agreed that it may be the problem. I booked the Skyline in and made the drive to Melbourne the same week. Once I got there Gerald put the car straight on the dyno for a run the car was breaking down badly when coming onto boost Gerald thought it may be the coils so I left him to investigate the problem. A couple of hours later I got a call to pick up the car.

Turns out the coils were dirty and (get this) the spark plugs were gapped at the standard 1.1mm not 0.8 as I had told Gerald. Word of advice donít take a performance car to a ordinary mechanic when experiencing problems the original machanic must have just banged the new plugs in and not re-gapped them as I instructed. I was very angry at this because it may have fixed my previous problems and saved me a lot of money.

The SAFC was retuned and boost was set to 10.5psi the results where far beyond what I had expected 195.7rwkw with heaps of midrange. Gerald explained to me that this result was unusual for such a low boost setting and to keep the car this way as it was a safe tune and anymore boost etc would have many of the stock parts running at there limits.

Gerald also stated that the R33 GTS25T's are probably one of the best value for many imports to tune to this level and if I were to go any further things would start to get expensive. I highly recommend ICE Performance to anyone who has a performance car their expertise and customer service is fantastic. Many people have only had small gains from this mod but in my case the results were amazing on the road the car is scarily fast and I didnít notice a decrease in throttle response.

I was and still am very happy with the results but there were a few minor things I wanted to improve. One thing was the boost it came on fast but from 5000 rpm onwards it would slowly tail back to 9psi by redline and I knew the bleed valve was at fault. I didnít want to pay a fortune for an electronic boost controller so I did some research and once again found the answer on the Skylines Australia forums it was said that the R32 Skyline's waste-gate actuator is a direct bolt on and rated is rated at 10psi.

This was great news as a mate of mine had just put a HKS 2530 on his R32 Skyline and had a spare actuator lying about, Luke gave me the actuator and I installed it the same day. It was an easy task, remove the heat shield, remove the two bolts and e-clip, take the old one off and reverse the order to install the new one. On the road the results were good 9.5psi is held to 5000rpm then boost jumps to 10.5psi from here to redline. This mod made a very noticeable difference to top end power and the car was nicer to drive with the bleed valve removed.

With the new intercooler installed one of the pipes did not allow me to install the air intake snorkel therefore the engine was sucking hot air from the engine bay. A hole was also left were the old return pipe used to be; this seemed like a perfect spot for a cold air feed. So the plan was to use a pod filter partitioned from the engine bay and to create a cold air feed from the front bar through the old intercooler piping hole.

I ordered a Apexi pod from Nengun as they are said to flow and filter the best. Installing was easy it came with clear instructions, brackets, bolts, etc. Making the partition was fiddly, first I used cardboard to create a template then I traced the outline onto a sheet of aluminum, I stuck foam on both sides of the aluminum to create a seal it all fitted up nicely. I used rubber and heat ducting to make the CAI which rams cool air from the front bar to the pod. (pics of CAI and Shielding soon)

The first thing you notice with this setup is the induction noise it sounds great you can really here the turbo spooling, its loud but not loud enough to be an annoyance and performance was improved slightly especially on hot days. This is as far as I was willing to go for now with engine modifications it will cost be a good $5000 to upgrade the turbo and other supporting systems. Traction is already a problem, so bigger, better and more expensive tires would also need to be fitted.

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